Saturday, February 23, 2013

Wild West Birthday Celebration


It’s not just any old fashioned hoedown…this was a celebration of two big birthday’s; David’s 60th& Pattie’s 50th birthday BBQ.  This evening transported you back to the American western frontier and a bye gone era.  Causing all guests, cowboys, cowgirls, & law abiding citizens alike to strap up their boots and kick up them spurs.  The folk rock band “The Cadillacs” provided music that evening that added to the knee slapping, toe tapping, Two-Steppin’ shin-dig!

The party wouldn’t be complete without its Blacksmith façade which also served as the stage for the band.  


Seating areas included hay bales by the campfire, rocking chairs, blankets, and whiskey barrel tables. 


If sittin’ wasn’t your style, I wreckin’ you might belly up to the bar “partner”.  At the local Saloon the 12ft. rustic wooden bar with brass rails was the most popular spot of the night.  No water being served at this bar!  If you were lucky the bartender would give you a swig of his Tennessee White Whiskey.  Old vintage bottles lined the back of the bar and drinks were served in mason jars.


Past the watering hole and over the bend was the Covered Chuck Wagon , more hay, blankets, lanterns and lassos. This area was also used for additional seating and as a photo opp area for the guests. Other props included: feed bags, wash boards, milk cans, saddles & pine trees.


We tip our hats to David and Pattie.  WE at San Diego Event Décor are much obliged.  We had a rootin’ tootin’ time!

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