Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Our predictions for 2013

Trends 2013

1. Photo booth – the ever so popular, can’t do without, “it’s not a party till I step into a photo booth” TREND is still ever so popular. In 2013 it’s going to take a spin! Look for Garland Wall Backdrops and Balloon Walls. It’s not just for setting the scene of your themed event and adding a pizazz of color…. It can be used as the backdrop of your guest “Entrance” or behind your Wedding Cake or dessert display. Use it as a photo opp area! It’s perfect for those large groups of family or friends who can’t cram themselves into a 4x4 photo booth.

2. Sweethearts Tables- are also being re-vamped. Instead of the formality of a “Table for Two” for the Bride and Groom, create a more inviting experience for your guests by using lounge furniture. Create a small seating area where guests can visit & congratulate the new Mr. & Mrs. Since it’s such a special day think about putting your Sweethearts Lounge on a riser, and sit a bit higher than all the guests. Hey the new couple deserves to be “elevated”! It’s the best view in the house and all “eyes on you”. Don’t you agree?


3. Tasting Bars-Food Stations and Grazing Stations have a long lost twin. Introducing… the Tasting Bar! With all the elements of a party. Think mini plates and pairings of cocktails or craft beers. Similar to a Tapas Bar, Champagne Bar, Cheese Bar. Create your Tasting Bar at either bar height and with or without bar stools. Work with your caterer and San Diego Event Décor to design your food menu so that your theme or ”look” matches your unique Tasting Bar and Stools.

50's Diner Theme Tasting Bar...with a menu to match
4. Ballerina Chair Caps- or chair covers caps are the delicate touch to a Wedding or Quinceañera. Don’t want to cover up a beautiful back and legs……of a Chiavari, Vintage Cross Back or Versailles Chair.


5. Themed Events- never ever loses its STYLE! Born in the 60’s, 70’s or 80’s and you might be hitting that “milestone” year. Celebrate the decade you were born. Themes are the way to go. Think about James Bond and the Aston Martin DB9 ….psychedelic patterned dance floor, glitter, glam, rich velour drape and food themes from that era. Create big lounge areas so guests can sit and sip on martinis or watch the go-go dancing on the platform above. If Bond isn’t your style ….join the Craft Cocktail Movement. San Diego Event Décor as the perfect décor pieces for your swanky speakeasy lounge. Whiskey barrels, hand-carved bars with brass rails, velvet swags. You chose…..Shaken or stirred?

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